Domingo J. Casas - Photographer

Professional photographer settled down in Spain for more than three decades. Photographer of an extensive career, he lived his childhood in Australia and began taking pictures of cards at the School of Psychology at the Complutense University in Madrid in 1979.
Later he joined the staff of magazines like "Night" and "Luna de Madrid", "Sur Express", "Madrid me Mata", "Rock de Lux", "Superteen" , "Bravo" and finally the major music magazin in the 80´s "El Gran Musical". Consedered one of the five photographer os what was called "La Movida Madrileña". From here, he worked for over 10 years at the magazine "El Gran Musical", which toured him throughout Europe following the 80's, 90's and today's groups as Rolling Stones, Madonna, Prince, George Micheal, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, U2, R.E.M, Muse, Green Day, Black Eyed Peas or Depeche Mode. Over 180.000 pics he has in his files.
Wandering with his Nikon cameras at all the theaters and live in music places of the '80 in Madrid and Barcelona like "Rock-Ola", "Jacara", "Astoria", "Disco Imperio", "Universal", "Morasol", "Golden Village", "El Escalón", "Escuela de Caminos" or "Sala Carolina" he jumped into the daily press as photographer of the newspaper "YA", where he made countless covers both for the newspaper and for its Sunday supplement magazine, outstanding his still lifes published at the Bazaar section.
Over 300 front cover of Cds and records since he started his career .
He photographed Woodstock '94 and Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon world Premier Gig in Chicago(U.S.A) for Paris Macht (Spain). Other magazines as "Hablan","Rolling Stone"(Spain), "Village Voice" (USA) or "Saturday Night" (Canada ) have also published his works.
At present, he is the chief photographer of the music magazine LH Magazín and he continues to publish pictures in the magazines LOS + MEJORES, ROCKESTATAL, ESCENARIOS y KERRANG!.
Recently, he has republished his pictures in the major Spanish daily newspapers EL PAIS, EL MUNDO and has been interviewed by EL DIARIO DE BURGOS (rolling1 - rolling2).Asi como en EL SEMANAL DE LA MANCHA..
You can also read an interview recently published in EL DUENDE and he has just joined the team of two radio programmes LA CAJA DE PANDORA and TREN DE SUEÑOS both in Murcia.
At present, he has several personal and colective exhibitions all around Spain about spanish artists like MIGUEL RIOS o ROSENDO MERCADO and THE ROLLING STONES EN ESPAÑA.
His works have been published in books like:
"Rockers...Desterrados de La Movida"(Editorial Milenio),
"La Calle no calla" (Quarentena Ediciones),
"Los Secretos. NADA MAS" (Editorial Sepha),
"Historias de Blues, Bourbon, Amor y Rock´n´Roll 1962-2009: Los Rolling Stones en España" (Quarentena Ediciones), written by the music journalist Mariano Muniesa,
"Momentos del Santana" written by Los Kikes (Babas & Turrón).
His photos were published in the CD-Collections of some of the most famous Spanish pop artists like Ana Belen & Victor Manuel and Miguel Bosé; as well as in the book "La Historia Definitiva del Pop Español" published by EL PAIS, or in the book and double CD "30 Aniversario del Villa de Madrid".
He has made numerous inroads into movies and short films, directed by outstandings as Fernando Guillén Cuervo, José Picazo, Antonio del Real, Luis Gómez Escolar, among others and collaborated with the last film shooted by Pilar Miro, "Tu Nombre Envenena mi Sueño"
Early this year, he has finished the steady photo (still photographer)of the documentary bio film about the life of Jaime Urrutia "La Fuerza del Destino" directed by Carlos Duarte Quinn, who has used almost 2000 photos of Domingo J. Casas personal files.

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